A network of decentralized markets and communities. Create, operate, and govern. Powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS.

What are districts?

Districts are marketplaces and communities that exist as decentralized autonomous organizations on the district0x Network. All internet citizens will be able to deploy districts to the network free of charge, forever.

All districts possess the following core functionalities...

& listing

& filtering

Ranking &

& invoicing

district0x Network Token

d0xINFRA Ethereum
Smart Contracts &





d0xINFRA Front-
End Libraries

IPFS File Storage

The d0xINFRA Framework

At the core of every district is the d0xINFRA framework, a stack of Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries distributed on IPFS which power a district's basic functionalities.

d0xINFRA is designed to be open and extendable, allowing districts to implement unique features and enhanced functionality via the plug-in of auxiliary modules.

Governance by Aragon

Aragon is a revolutionary new platform for the deployment of unstoppable virtual organizations and entities. The creation of a district on the district0x Network will establish an accompanying Aragon entity, where all of the district’s governance and decision making processes will be executed.

Districts Powered By district0x


Launched in January 2017, Ethlance is a decentralized job market for everyone from freelancers to full-time career seekers alike. Ethlance is the first district on the district0x network and will operate in perpetuity.

ENS Bazaar

Name Bazaar

Launched in October 2017, Name Bazaar is a peer-to-peer marketplace for the exchange of names registered via the Ethereum Name Service, providing an easily discoverable registry of ENS names available for purchase.

Meme Factory

Meme Factory

The third district to be deployed, Meme Factory will provide an interface for the creation of provably rare digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain which can be immediately posted to a bulletin board-style marketplace for exchange.

Future district0x Projects

The district0x Project team will continue to deploy districts to the district0x Network indefinitely, simultaneously serving as sandboxes for the refinement of the d0xINFRA framework while showcasing the powers of decentralized markets and communities.

Your Very Own District

Upon deployment of the district creation platform, all internet citizens will be able to quickly launch districts on the district0x Network. Powered by the decentralized web, district0x provides the liberty to build, free from censorship and intermediaries.


Prior To contribution period

  • Release final draft of white paper
  • 3 outside audits of the district0x Contract


Prior To contribution period

  • Deploy d0xINFRA
  • Migrate Ethlance to d0xINFRA
  • Deploy Name Bazaar and Meme Factory


Prior To contribution period

  • Deploy 5 new districts to the network
  • Deploy staking and governance modules
  • District extendability via auxiliary modules


Following contribution period

  • Deploy district creation platform
  • Deploy auxiliary module registry
  • Deploy district0x Network registry
  • Handover governance of the district0x Project to district0x Network Token holders


Prior To contribution period

  • Deploy d0xINFRA
  • Migrate Ethlance to d0xINFRA
  • Deploy Name Bazaar and Meme Factory


Following contribution period

  • Deploy district creation platform
  • Deploy auxiliary module registry
  • Deploy district0x Network registry
  • Handover governance of the district0x Project to district0x Network Token holders


The district0x Network Token

To provide all internet citizens with an opportunity to freely join and contribute to any district, to align incentives across all of a district’s participants, and to implement coordinated decision-making mechanisms to the district0x Network, we introduce the district0x Network Token.

The district0x Network Token is a multi-utility token which is required for application to the district0x Network, utilized in an incentivized voting game to dictate access to a suite of ancillary services exclusive to network members, used to signal support or disapproval for proposals made by network participants, and which can be staked to deposit pools to mint tokens providing district-specific voting rights on third-party platforms such as Aragon.

Voting rights can be used to partake in the processes that determine everything from a district's design and branding, to its functionality, to its accepted code of conduct, to the integrations it utilizes, and beyond.

What Should We Build Next?

We encourage and incentivize the submission of marketplace ideas via an open community proposal process. The district0x Network Token allows holders to signal for what markets they would like to see the district0x team build and deploy to the network next.

Vote For the Next Districts

The district0x Team

Matus Lestan

Co-Founder, Tech Lead

Developed Ethlance as the first district. Matus is a lifelong developer with a strong passion for decentralisation. Previously a freelance developer for 8 years, Matus is now known for pushing the Clojure-Ethereum ecosystem forward via many open source contributions.

Joe Urgo

Co-Founder, Operations Lead

Founder/CEO at Sourcerers.io, Joe is a curious explorer of decentralized business models and token-enabled governance structures. Previously Joe worked as an Operations Manager at Coinbase, a Derivatives Trader at Three Arrows Capital, and a Professional Poker Player.

Alexander Khoriaty

Project Manager

Project Manager at district0x, Alexander has determination for finding user experiences that can propel revolutionary and disruptive technology to the mass market. After studying physics at the University of Michigan, Alexander worked as a fire investigator before spending 2.5 years at Coinbase working on Quality Assurance and Payment Operations.

Mike Konkov

Clojurescript Developer

Mike is a software architect and developer with more than 20 years experience in a wide range of domains, from business apps to games. Fascinated by society-transforming possibilities of the blockchain technology.

PJ Leimgruber

Marketing Lead

P.J. is an accomplished digital marketer, currently teaching ITP 476 - Technologies for Interactive Marketing at The University of Southern California and serving as Chief Marketing Mentor at European Innovation Academy. Previously co-founded NeoReach, an enterprise cloud platform for influencer marketing management and intelligence serving Fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, Citrix, Walmart, among others.

Brady McKenna

Community Manager

Brady is a long time consultant and educator in the blockchain space. He previously worked at Coinbase on the Support Operations and Regulatory Compliance teams. Brady is also a musician known for merging blockchain concepts and the musical/creative arts.

Filip Bielejec

Clojurescript Developer

Filip studied Applied Mathematics before working as a software developer in various roles and industries, from authoring OpenSource software for geo-awareness in epidemiology, navigation and map-data solutions to healthcare and insurance.

Juan Monetta

Clojurescript Developer

Juan is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. A passionate tinkerer, his curiousities range from software and electronics to woodworking and breadmaking. When not building something, Juan can be found dancing salsa and tango.

Peter Reiseman

Operations Associate

Having received his B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Lehigh University, Peter spent several years in the semiconductor industry as a Project Manager before making the jump into the blockchain space. Peter is an avid supporter of decentralized technology that economically incentivizes progress for the greater good.

Luis Cuende


Luis is a Forbes 30 Under 30, a MIT TR35 and was an Advisor to the VP of the European Commission. He cofounded the blockchain startup Stampery, backed by billionaire Tim Draper. Now, he created Aragon to disintermediate business, by making decentralized organizations widespread.

Carl Bennett


Carl has co-founded several technology companies, including Status, an open source Ethereum mobile client. He has 9+ Years Experience in Operations, Business Management and User Acquisition.

Brayton Williams


Brayton is Co-Founder and Partner at Boost VC, an accelerator and seed fund in Silicon Valley focused on cryptocurrencies/blockchain, VR/AR, AI/bots and other Sci-Fi related technologies. Boost VC is an advisor/investor in Etherscan, Aragon, Decentraland, Polychain Capital and 50 other blockchain/crypto startups.

Vincent Zhou


Founding partner of FinTech Blockchain Group (FBG), Vincent is an expert on digital currency trading and an active investor in blockchain industry. FBG is China’s leading blockchain-based digital assets management firm.

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